About us

Airy Spa Soap Thailand

Professional soap and skincare producer

     Airy Spa Soap is qualified to balance and also moisturized your skin with speciality of herbals that help nourishing and brighten up our body. In addition, with uniqueness of Thailand Airy Spa soap leads to an acceptance of national and international markets.

    Moreover, Airy Spa Soap Thailand also produce and sell handmade soap, glycerin soap, fancy soap, floral soap, fruit soap, veggie-soap, silk soap, gold soap, herbal soap, all aroma soap, and others skincare by order both retail and wholesale without minimun amount. 

     For every formula of liquid soap, we already register with FDA, so you can trust in Airy Spa Soap Thailand and quality of our products that will use the best raw material that friendly to an environment and to your skin.

FDA registration number 10-1-5728236 and 10-1-5728242
Interested in Airy Spa Soap products contact telephone (Office)
head office number 02-157-0926 and mobile number 098-556-6467
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